ReliefPal exists to provide
hope, support, and relief
for all people in need.

We strive to be leaders in providing aid to those in need,
especially in such an unprecedented time when the need for
community engagement is greater than ever.
We aim to help make a difference and change lives.

Current Project

Help the displaced

ReliefPal was formed to offer opportunities to uplift people in spaces and places of need. The ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe has resulted in millions of refugees from the Ukraine and significant damage to the urban infrastructure of the country. There are reported shortages of food, housing, transportation, utilities, and other essentials as citizens retreat and shelter to escape land-based and air-based incursions in mostly urban centers and some rural locations.

We are committed to offering Relief to the citizens of Ukraine and assistance to individuals and organizations that have pledged their efforts to assist them as the conflict continues. Our stance is that no amount of Relief is too large or small when intended to reduce human suffering and promote human equity. ReliefPal has pledged its support with contributions to agencies and entities that have demonstrated the will to help during these difficult times.

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ReliefPal believes in creating change in the world and identifying areas that need attention so that resources can be allocated to improving them.

ReliefPal believes in the basic human rights of the right to life and liberty, freedom from oppression and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education, and many more.

ReliefPal believes that those in positions of vulnerability are worthy of aid and support from their neighbors.

Focus areas @ ReliefPal

Health equity
Racial and gender equality
Financial literacy
Relief to the homeless and underserved, in the form of food and clothing donation